Living Large Peanut Style

As you can tell from this photo, Peanut is living her best life every single day. I confess that I am quite envious of her lifestyle. There are days when I wish I could trade places and she could go off to work while I stay home and nap all day.

But she’s the smart one. She knows how to utilize her cuteness for maximum effect. She gets all the pets and belly rubs and snacks. I think she’s doing it right. Plus she’s a cat, so there are absolutely no expectations of doing tricks or responding to commands. She does what she wants and the rest of us adjust accordingly.

The beautiful part of the feline life is that the fatter you are the more people like you. The lazier you are the cuter you are. Sleeping all day only is only cute when you’re a dog or a cat. Not so much with being a grown adult.

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