Rain, Rain

I didn’t used to like rain. I think as a kid rain meant staying inside and not getting to play. Rain meant getting wet if I went outside and possibly catching my death of cold (as my grandparents used to say).

These days I don’t mind rain. I actually like it some days. There’s nothing more tranquil than the sound of rain, especially falling on a tin roof. There’s nothing better for taking a nap than a cold rainy October afternoon.

There’s nothing like the smell when you walk outside after a good thunderstorm. It’s a fresh clean smell that I can’t really describe in terms of smelling like anything else.

On rare occasion, I’ll be hiking at Radnor at it will start raining. I can hear the rain falling but can’t really feel it beneath all the trees. Those rainy days have turned out to be some of my favorite and most relaxing hikes.

I’m not a fan of rain for 10 days straight where the sky is nothing but grey, but I do like rain from time to time. Besides, rain is what makes the flowers grow.

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