17 More Days

To be fair, it’s still summer. I can’t speak for the rest of the country, but in Tennessee, we expect summer to last at least through the end of September. The calendar says that September 22 is the first official day of fall, but round here summer is like the houseguest who won’t leave. Summer starts saying goodbye and getting ready to leave around the middle of September, but in the South you have to say goodbye at least 3 times and be “fixing to get ready” to leave for at least 30 minutes before you leave. All that to say that fall doesn’t really start here until sometime in October (or when we can finally get summer out the door and down the driveway).

But I’m ready for cooler weather. I’m ready for all the changing leaves and crisp breezes. I’m even ready for all things pumpkin spice. Most of all, I’m ready to not sweat through all my clothes every time I step outside for longer than 5 minutes. I’m ready to not feel like I’m having a heatstroke every time I mow the lawn.

To those who are sad because you love summer, tough. You have had at least 4 months of summer. You got all your hot humid weather to tide you over for a while. Let us fall lovers have our moment and enjoy our kind of weather. We put up with all the sweaty stinkiness from ourselves and from others. We’ve earned the right to be able to wear flannel and sit around bonfires and to partake of hot chocolate and hot apple cider.

Only 17 more days to go . . .

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