As my Facebook memories kindly reminded me, a year ago I was sitting at a gas station waiting on a tow truck after the radiator on my Jeep went kaput. Up until I saw that reminder, I had just about erased that day from my memory.

That was an eventful day, but not in the way I like my days to be eventful. At some point, I was sure that wrecker was never going to show up.

It’s way less stressful to look back in hindsight than it was to be in the middle of it. It also gives me a little bit of perspective — my car hasn’t had anything blow up or leak or quit working since then.

Sometimes, we get forgetful. We need reminders of God’s faithfulness in the past to help us remember how God will be true to His promises today. We need to read about past miracles to keep believing God still works wonders in the here and now.

That’s one reason to stay in the Word. Just about every page contains a promise or a recollection of who God was and is and ever will be. Just as God’s people failed and cried out for help in the past, we need to remember that we’re prone to wander and need God to come and find us from time to time.

Sometimes, we need to remind each other not to lose heart in the midst of difficulties because we remember all the stories of old when God was faithful then and will be faithful now and forever.

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