Healing in Your Story

I know for a fact that what people need to see in Christians isn’t perfection but authenticity. They don’t need to see polished as much as they need to see real. That’s why your mistakes and failures don’t disqualify you from being a witness. They validate and affirm the saving power of God.

I’ve seen over and over where sharing your story does bring you healing. It brings healing to others. There’s something miraculous and powerful when that one part of your past that you swore you’d never share with anybody becomes the first line of your testimony.

I read today that when most people throw away broken things, God intentionally goes after and chooses to use broken circumstances and broken people. In fact, sometimes God does the breaking if only so that we will have no choice but to look beyond ourselves and look up.

That doesn’t mean that your testimony has to be dramatic to be valid. You don’t need to have been rescued from addiction to have a story worth sharing. Sometimes the best stories are the ones where you see God working in you in little ways each day to make you less selfish, less fearful, and more like Jesus. The best testimonies are always the ones in progress.

As I’ve said before, people can argue with your theology and your doctrine, but no one can ever argue your own story. No one can ever deny your testimony of a life transformed by the power of Christ.

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