An Ouch Moment

“Most Christians are educated
beyond their own obedience.
Could it be that you do not need
another Bible study, but you need
to obey the lessons from the previous ones you have heard?” (Daniel Dickard).


That one stung a bit.

I’m a big fan of Bible studies and learning, but at some point, you and I need to put that knowledge into practice.

But isn’t that what wisdom is? Just applied knowledge that goes from cerebral to practical?

I would never say to anyone not to go to any more Bible studies? I would never say to close your Bible and not read it.

I would say not to stop at reading and learning.

Find one way you can apply what you learned from each lesson to an aspect of your life. Make it real by making it tangible. After all, as a pastor I know once said, if you don’t live it, you don’t really believe it.

Also, I’d say to find a way to teach it to someone else. That way, they get the benefit and the knowledge and wisdom you’ve acquired becomes ingrained in you. Then you have truly learned.

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