Never Give Up

Have you ever been inspired to pray for someone’s salvation but it seems like day after day nothing changes? Have you ever prayed for a loved one for healing and the healing hasn’t come yet?

It can be discouraging to send up prayers that seem to bounce off the ceiling and never make it into heaven. Sometimes, it seems easier to quit than to persevere.

But remember the widow in the Bible. She kept going to the judge demanding justice. She refused to take no for an answer. Her determination and desire were stronger than any denial so she persevered until she got what she was after.

Maybe you prayed 99 times and stopped. What if the answer was waiting on the 100th time? If the Israelites had marched around Jericho six times and stopped on that final day, would they have seen the walls fall?

I think the way to not lose heart is to keep your eyes not on the physical circumstances that don’t seem to change but on the God who is always at work, never resting and never tiring. It’s to remember the God who still makes miracles happen in the midst of the most unlikely places and people. It’s to keep your eyes fixed not on the person you’re praying for but on Jesus.

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