Who We Really Are in the Dark

“But underneath all our emphasis on successful action, many of us suffer from a deep-seated, low self esteem and are walking around with the constant fear that someday someone will unmask the illusion and show that we are not as smart, as good, or as lovable as the world was made to believe” (Henri J.M. Nouwen, Out of Solitude).

I think for many the greatest fear is that people will find out who we really are, and when they make the discovery, they will shun us and leave us. So many of us live in constant fear that who we really are deep down inside really isn’t good enough. We think people will see us the way we often see ourselves, thus the deep-seated fear. Thus the metaphorical masks (and sometimes real ones). Thus the playacting and pretending and bravado and bragging.

But maybe if we could learn to see us the way God sees us. He sees it all — even more than we can see. He knows all our flaws — even the ones we’ve not allowed ourselves to admit or acknowledge.He loves us as we are, not as we should be. All He asks is that we receive that love.

I think if we could ever see each other as God sees us, we’d see things very differently. We’d act differently. We’d be better people. In fact, we’d be more like Jesus.

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