Saturated in Prayer

I don’t know if you’re like me, but I’m a classic overthinker. If overthinking could be an Olympic sport, I’d be a multiple gold medal winner. But lately, I’ve been thinking . . . . haha . . . and maybe every time I start to go into overthink mode, I could use that as an opportunity to turn it into prayer.

It’s freeing to me that I can share everything with God, not just the “spiritual” and “holy” things. It can be like “God, I’m thinking this way about a certain person, and I don’t know what to do with it, so I give it to you. I surrender this thought to You.”

I think the more we live in the mentality of praying without ceasing, the more peace we experience. Obviously, I don’t mean we spent the whole day walking around with eyes closed and hands folded, bumping into everything and everyone. But the idea of turning every thought into a prayer and constantly offering up short petitions and praises throughout the day changes how you see God, yourself, and your circumstances.

I’ve learned that for me praying doesn’t so much alter my circumstances as much as it alters me and the way I see my circumstances. It gives me the ability to persevere through my trials instead of immediately taking my trials away. It helps me see more of God at work in me and around me.

I read that purity of heart is to will one thing instead of being pulled in multiple directions all the time. I think a prayerful mentality is the best way to have the mind of Jesus, who is the best example of living out of His purpose and calling. May we do the same with the same Jesus who now indwells us.

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