Extravagant Acceptance

“No matter the pressures at the end of this week,

let’s just quietly exhale…

and lean into Jesus.

‘Jesus said, “Come along with me.’

Mark 2:13 MSG

Only in Christ can we experience extravagant acceptance without experiencing exhausting performance. Because the thing is? Unless we walk with Jesus every moment, we’ll be driven hard by pride and fear every day.

Relax about the weekend ahead — it’s already okay: you are already loved. Jesus wants to walk with you today — *so you aren’t driven by pride or fear.*

#TheBrokenWay#TheWayOfAbundance” (Ann Voskamp)

As you may have heard before, every other religion is spelled d-o. As in do this or do that, keep these rules, and you will get into paradise. Christianity is spelled d-o-n-e. As in all the work you need to get into heaven has already been done in and by Jesus and all you have to do is receive His free gift of salvation.

It’s not about working for and hoping for God’s approval, but working and living and worshipping out of the approval of God that you already have. One is exhausting. The other is exhilarating. One leads to failure and burn-out. The other leads to freedom and blessing.

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