The Risk of Gentleness

“I believe one of our greatest sins is that we are too content. We will take a little of God’s life, a little of his goodness, but are often afraid he will give us too much of himself. We are afraid of what the fullness of joy might look like. We don’t think we can take it. And it is true that we can’t. There’s not enough life in us to match his own, not enough joy in our hearts to comprehend his mirth and delight” (Gracy Olmstead).

I think the greatest sin isn’t contentment, but complacency. At some point, we quit seeking God as fervently and praying as boldly. We stop making Jesus the supreme part of our lives and treat Him like one among many. The life of faith becomes less of a love affair and more like an employer-employee relationship.

Just because we can’t handle all of God doesn’t mean we shouldn’t seek more of God. We should always want a little more grace, mercy, love, joy, and peace than our capacity to receive these things. We should strive to be overwhelmed by all that God is and all that God does. If we’re at a place where we know all there is to know about God, then we haven’t yet gone nearly deep enough. There’s always more. Even in heaven, there will be more.

The beauty is that even when we cease seeking after God, He will never stop chasing after us. He will never let us be content with anything less than the fullness of joy and peace and love that is found in God through Jesus.

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