A Compelling Life

“A day is coming when 10 men, people from every nation speaking every language will grab the cloak of a Jew and beg him, ‘Let us come with you because we have heard the True God is among you and we want Him to save us, too‘” (Zechariah 8:23, The Voice).

How cool would it be if we lived in such a way that our friends, family, and neighbors were grabbing the sleeves of our shirts and begging us to take them to the God we love and serve? How amazing would it be if the most compelling argument for God was how we lived out His goodness and mercy from day to day?

I’m not saying that we should preach the gospel at all times merely by actions and never using words. I’m saying that our gospel conversations would be more meaningful if we lived them out as well as verbalized them.

The 1st century world was drawn to the early Christian faith by how they loved each other. They didn’t cancel each other when one of them fell into sin or failed. They forgave each other and kept each other accountable and loved each other into wholeness and repentance.

People are desperately seeking hope and peace. They are looking for real answers. The world around us is angry with us as believers, not because we’re too different, but because we’re not different enough. In too many cases, we’re the same. How can they believe our message if we don’t live it ourselves?

But a compelling life is a life lived with singleness of purpose. It’s not about being perfect. It’s about letting Jesus be everything and in everything letting Jesus be known.

May that be our prayer — to live in such a way that people are drawn to love the God we love as much as we do.

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