One Thing

I was talking with a friend earlier today. As we were chatting, something I learned a long time ago came to mind. Well, actually two.

In terms of relationships, learn to give yourself grace. You will mess up. You will say the wrong thing. You will do the wrong thing. Sometimes, what you do and say will be taken the wrong way. Still, you can give yourself permission to fail from time to time because you’re still a work in progress. God’s not done with you yet.

Also, when you’re dealing with someone else whose behavior seems mysterious and sometimes hard to accept, remember there is always one fact about that person that if you knew it, it would completely change how you saw them. They might be going through traumatic loss. They may have just emerged from an abusive relationship. In other words, give them the grace of the unknown.

Above all, be kind. Always. Harshness never accomplishes anything productive or benefits anyone. Love people the way Jesus has loved you — expecting nothing in return and with no strings attached.

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