My Yes Is on the Table

“Christian maturity is the distance between God’s call and your capacity for obedience” (Derek Webster).

A friend pointed out something interesting related to this quote that I had never thought about. You know how far away a storm is based on the amount of time between the sound of thunder and the appearance of lightening in the sky. In the same way, you know about a person’s spiritual maturity based on the time lapse between God’s call and their response of obedience.

It tied in very well to the sermon from today. Basically, the gist was being available for whatever and wherever and whenever God calls. It’s saying to God, “My YES is on the table, no matter what.”

Something the guest preacher asked that stuck with me: “Is your life interrupt-able?”

What that means is that can God break into your routines and schedules to call you to service? Are you available and is there margin in your schedule to make room for gospel conversations and serving others? Could you uproot your life if God asked you to go overseas or across the country or even on the other side of town?

I think the key is spending time with God to learn the cadences of His voice, so that when He calls, you will recognize One calling and respond in obedience. May we all have such a heart for God.

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