Random Friday Nothingness

I’m weary. I can honestly confess that it was a long and weird week. Today’s highlight was the freakishly quick arrival of a rainstorm that left the office without power for about 90 minutes. One minute the sky was looking a bit cloudy and rainy, and the next the rain was practically blowing sideways.

I notice that when you’re tired, your thoughts are more difficult to manage. Over the years, I’ve seen that when I’m weary and ready for bed, my thoughts tend more toward the negative about circumstances and people. That’s usually when I thought I had messed up with friends and they were never going to speak to me again, but after a good night’s rest, all was right with the world and we were fine.

I will never forget the adage that I learned a long time ago. Your thoughts and feelings will lie to you at times, so you go with what you know. You hold fast to God’s promises, contrary to what those thoughts and feelings are telling you that feels so right in the moment.

What helps for me is to go eat a good dinner, walk around one of my favorite places (downtown Franklin), and buy some vinyl. That always cheers me up a bit. And now to bed, and now to bed.

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