God’s Got This

Sometimes, I have so much going on inside my brain at once that it’s difficult to focus on any one thing. I typically have snatches of songs and imaginary conversations with people running through my head at any one time.

That makes praying a bit tricky as well. There are so many voices competing for my attention that it’s sometimes hard to distinguish the voice of God from the rest. Sometimes, all I can do is repeat a mantra of “God, help me” or “God, may Your will be done and may Your purposes prevail right now.”

So many of us are living in a constant state of anxiety. Some of us will replay past conversations in our head and berate ourselves about how what we could have said or done better. We wonder if we’re totally screwing up this thing called life.

But the truth of the matter — the truth that I have to keep reminding myself of from time to time — is that God’s got this. He didn’t leave everything up to you to figure out all on your own. He’s asking for you to simply do the next thing and trust God in the process.

I’ve learned that peace isn’t always a feeling. It’s not always the calm tranquility like those cows you see grazing in a field. Sometimes, peace is confidence in the midst of fear and anxiety that won’t go away. Peace is bringing God’s presence into your turmoil and letting Him have His way.

Remember, fear is false evidence appearing real. Anxiety is looking at your problems minus God. But above all, you can rest in the promise that God won’t leave or forsake you. He’s got this.

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