Consider the Lillies

“Think about those beautiful wild lilies growing over there. They don’t work up a sweat toiling for needs or wants—they don’t worry about clothing. Yet the great King Solomon never had an outfit that was half as glorious as theirs!” (Luke 12:27, The Message)

I looked it up out of curiosity. The average lifespan of a lily plant is about 2 years, but each flower lasts for about two weeks. Flowers in general don’t tend to last all that long, yet I’m always astonished at all their riotous colors.

I saw a yellow flower today while I was out walking. I think it was a daylily, but I’m not an expert when it comes to botany, so I could easily be wrong. I do know that I’ve rarely seen such a bright shade of yellow. It made me think of how much time, effort, and money we spend to create dyes and fabrics with colors that match those that grow in nature all the time.

Those flowers don’t worry about how long they’ll be in bloom or how much rain they’ll get. One flower isn’t concerned about being as vibrant as the next. They just grow and bloom. They soak in as much sun and rain as they can get in their short lives.

Yet here we are fretting over every little thing. We are such fearful creatures, especially since the pandemic. We’re sometimes so busy being afraid and anxious that we miss our lives. But that’s not the way of Abba’s children. That’s not how Jesus taught us to live.

Jesus told us to trust in our Heavenly Father the way an earthly child would trust in his or her own parents to give them what they need. He told us to worry about today’s concerns, not yesterday’s or tomorrow’s. He told us to be like the flowers that grow and bloom where they’re planted.

That sounds like a good plan to me.

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