The Wounding of God

“Sometimes the most gracious, merciful thing God could ever do is wound you. To wound you, (and in that wound bind you to Himself) is far more gracious than to bless you with everything you want and have you not know Him” (Matt Chandler).

Wow. That’s hard. My first response isn’t to give this comment a like and a heart. My first is to try and find some kind of loophole or way out of this wounding. Why would God purposefully hurt me? Isn’t God all about love, and love never ever hurts anything or anyone, right?

Most of the time, God wounds me by letting me go my own way and get what I want. That’s when I find out that where I thought I wanted to go and what I thought I wanted completely failed to bring me any satisfaction or contentment. Sometimes, God lets me endure the consequences of my own choices and actions.

I read this recently and it spoke volumes to me about why God allows suffering and tragedy in the lives of His people:

‘The reason verses such as Romans 8:28, which promise Christians ‘good’, seem to jar with our experiences is because we don’t really know what good is. In the Bible, good isn’t a longed-for marriage. It isn’t a comfortable home, a great job or even a faithful church family. Good is God’s name being glorified and his Kingdom advancing. Good is God’s people being made holy and learning to trust in him more. God’s ultimate purpose is to glorify himself and he will not be thwarted. So, when pain seems pointless, the God who wounds shows me that it is good. The God who wounds has done this for his glory, to grow my reliance on him, to make me more like Jesus and to have his name proclaimed. That is good” (Brianna McClean).

I think about the time when Jacob wrestled with God. At some point, God wounded Jacob by dislocating his hip so that from then on he walked with a limp. But with the limp came a change in his character. He went from being the deceiver Jacob to being the fighter and prince of God Israel.

Ultimately, I define good not by my standard but by God’s. If I believe that God is good and everything He does is good, then that defines goodness more than what I see and feel and experience, so I can trust in the true goodness of God.

Here’s a link to the full article by Brianna McClean, entitled When God Wounds.

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