Rage Vs. Hope

“Do you know why strangers rage at each other online and are so quick to be angry and offended these days? ⠀

Because their passion has no other outlet. When you refuse to deal in joy, you don’t quit being emotional, you just funnel all that energy somewhere else. ⠀

Many a troll was born from the heartache of a goal he dared not finish. ⠀

Maybe a troll is just someone who lost to perfectionism so many times he gave up on his own goals and decided to tear down someone else’s.⠀

Does your passion have a healthy outlet? If so, what is it?” (Still Jon Acuff)

I can’t tell you how many times I see people lashing out at other people on social media for the absolute dumbest stuff. People rage against each other over why Grease 2 was the worst movie ever or the best 80s movie. They get enraged when you don’t agree with them over why the current Doctor Who series is the best in history (or why it’s the worst).

I think it’s easier to be mean and critical when you’re hiding behind a keyboard and will likely never see your opponent face to face. Also, as society continues to devolve into chaos and violence, there’s less and less room for things like mercy and grace.

Those who follow Jesus know there’s a better way. We’re called not just to know it but also to show it. A great quote from one of my favorite TV series says that we live in the world as though it were the way it should be to show it what it can be.

In other words, we live out God’s original design for humanity and creation — namely, to glorify God and enjoy Him forever by how we speak and act. More specifically, how we speak to and act toward those outside the faith. T

he way of responding to rage with more rage says that we’re no different and that our words are meaningless. But to respond to a harsh word with a gentle answer shows the better way and allows us to be heard over the din. May we always choose grace and mercy as well as truth.

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