Ways to Unwind

Sometimes, you need to unwind after a long week. It doesn’t necessarily have to be bad or stressful, but sometimes when there’s a lot going on, those five days can be a bit taxing. So I have made a list of some ways to relax at the end of the week:

  1. I always love to listen to a good vinyl album while lying in bed. There’s something calming about the familiar rhythms of watching the needle drop on a record.
  2. I try to eat somewhere that has good chips and salsa. Or sometimes, the occasion calls for queso. If the week has been more wearying than normal, cheese helps.
  3. Sometimes, sitting down in a comfortable chair and doing nothing. No devices, no books, no music. Just sit there and be. Close your eyes if it helps.
  4. Sometimes, I will focus on my breathing, taking deep drafts of air and exhaling slowly. Usually, I can feel my blood pressure lowering and any anxiety lessening.
  5. Having a nice cup of hot tea is a good way to unwind. I like black tea, but lately I gravitate toward herbal teas with no caffeine, especially if it’s later in the afternoon.

There are probably more ways I could name if I thought about it longer. And I can already hear you saying that you don’t have time to unwind. That’s right. You will never have time for anything unless you make time by making it a priority. And if you don’t make time for your health, your body will force you to make time for illness. So it’s best to practice relaxing and unwinding.

Also, naps are good. I just wish I’d learned that when I was younger. All those naps I missed. Such a shame.

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