Desktop Computers and Dial-Up Internet

Yep, and back in the day we had a thing called dial-up internet where you had to . . . wait for it . . . dial in to the internet. You had to sit there and wait for your 56K modem to connect to the internet. This is our generation’s version of walking to school in the snow uphill both ways.

And back when if you were downloading a large file, you suddenly developed a strong prayer life. You didn’t want to be that person who got to 99% downloaded only to have your internet connection mysteriously broken and have to start over from scratch. I guarantee that dial-up made lots of Baptists cuss back in the day.

I still can’t believe that I paid $24.95 for dial-up internet with America Online. Yes, it was nice hearing “You’ve got mail” when you finally got connected, but it was also a pain having one of your parents yell up the stairs, “Get off the internet! I need to use the phone!” But such was life back in my day.

Yes, the struggle was real.

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