In God’s Hands

Ain’t that the truth. Living surrendered is the best way. God calls us to be living sacrifices, but the only issue is that those living sacrifices have a tendency to keep crawling off of the altar. In the same way, I keep surrendering all my stuff to God only to grab it back and try to handle it on my own. Typically, that hasn’t gone well for me.

I remember reading somewhere that anxiety is impatient. It says that everything you’re waiting for has to happen right now. If God doesn’t answer your prayer this instant, it won’t happen. If one of His promises doesn’t come to pass this very minute, that must mean that God lied to you. Anxiety is the opposite of patient waiting.

Patient waiting says that I can trust God. It says that I believe what God says, not what I feel or what I think or what I see or what I want. My own heart can deceive me, my thoughts can lie to me, and what I see is only a part of the whole picture, so the only one I can trust is the One who sees it all, knows it all, and has a 100% perfect track record.

If I truly leave everything in God’s hands, soon I really will see God’s hand in everything. If I spend time every day giving thanks for what God has already done for me and given to me, then I will see more and more of God’s goodness to me. I will see more of God in my world and in the world.

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