I Will Worship

I got this in an email this morning and thought it resonated with me deeply. I know of so many who are going through seasons where worship isn’t the natural first response. But I pray this will speak to you as it spoke to me:

“There are times and seasons when we feel stuck. We experience no forward motion and wonder if we should abort our dreams. Life is at a standstill, and our spiritual barrenness seems overwhelming. The more we focus on what isn’t happening, the greater the sense of heaviness we feel. Before we know it, we’ve lost our song. 

Worship isn’t contingent upon circumstances, but it does greatly affect them and gives proper perspective. It seems almost cruel to tell someone to rejoice when they are feeling the pain of barrenness. But faith knows how to find its song. Faith sees ahead and believes the seeds of his Word, implanted in the heart, will take root and produce fruit. So we sing. We rejoice in our glorious future and water the dry ground of past disappointments with tears of worship. Our time will come. 

Father, when things don’t happen the way I expect, I will worship. When doors of opportunity slam in my face, I will trust you to open a better door, and I will worship. When I feel like I’m being pulled back, I’ll remember it’s only because you’re stretching the slingshot closer to your heart before launching it. And I will worship.

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