The Lord Turns First

“What can we learn from Peter’s turning around? First, it was not Peter who turned. It was the Lord who turned and looked at Peter. When the cock crew, that might have kept Peter from falling further. But he was just in the very act of sin. And when a person is in the thick of his sin his last thought is to throw down his arms and repent. So Peter never thought of turning, but the Lord turned. And when Peter would rather have looked anywhere else than at the Lord, the Lord looked at Peter. This scarce-noticed fact is the only sermon needed to anyone who sins – that the Lord turns first” (Henry Drummond, The Ideal Life).

I don’t know about you, but I’m so thankful that God didn’t wait for us to get our collective act together before He sent Jesus. He didn’t wait for me to get my mess straightened out and my life in order before He set His affections on me. While we were sinners — not after — Christ died for us. As I’ve heard it before, God didn’t wait for us to figure out how to get to Him, but He found a way to come to us.

Easter is all about God so loving the world that He gave His one and only Son so that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have full and abundant eternal life. I love Dallas Willard’s take on John 3:16:

“God’s care for humanity was so great that he sent his unique Son among us, so that those who count on him might not lead a futile and failing existence, but have the undying life of God Himself.” 

And that, folks, is what Easter is all about.

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