Another Post About Peanut

This is very much a typical picture of Peanut. She’s usually reclined in a comfortable spot, covered by a blanket of some sort. She’s either getting ready to nap, napping, or just waking up from a nap. She leads a tough life.

Ahhh, the rewards of being small and cute. If you’re a cat, you get to do whatever you want whenever you want. All you do all day is eat and sleep. Plus people actually like you more if you are a bit on the plump side. And you never ever have to wake up early and drive a long way to work. I see no downside to any of that.

The only problem is that cats try to act tough and be thought of as ferocious, but it’s hard to scare people when you’re 10 pounds and fluffy. It’s hard to be intimidating when people keep picking you up and calling you nicknames like “Lil’ Kitty” and “Cutie Pie.” But then there are the naps and snacks, so I think I could put up with a lot for free food.

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