Spring Has Sprung

I’ve been known to be wrong before, but I think that yesterday was the official first day of spring. Of course with this being Tennessee and Tennessee having the crazy weather that doesn’t always follow the rules, it could still snow tomorrow. Or next week. Or even in April. It’s been known to happen.

But for all intents and purposes, winter is over. As much as I loved seeing all the snow and feeling the keen crisp bite of wintry air, I’m ready for a new season. Even I can admit that having the same kind of weather all the time would get boring and old after a while. I imagine even constant sunny and mid 70s would wear thin after a while. Plus, with no rain at all, Tennessee would eventually become one big desert.

So I’ve learned to cherish all the seasons. Even when we get them all in one week. Each season has its own joys and rewards, even the super hot and the super cold. Having one season indefinitely would be nice for a little while, but for me not having changing seasons would grow tiresome. Even my favorite season Fall would eventually wear out its welcome with no green or new growth.

So I’m thankful for winter, spring, fall, and summer. I look forward to each one. But I’m sticking with fall as my favorite.

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