So How’s Your Bracket?

For those who annually go through the torture and agony of filling out brackets for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, this is for you. So how’s it going?

I figure by now most of you are sending your brackets through the shredder at this point. That is if you still do the old school brackets where you print out the form and fill out all your teams by hand. That way you get the joy of crossing out the teams that you picked that you were certain were going to win but lost instead.

I saw where toward the middle of the first round, there were less than 800 perfect brackets. Later on, that number went down to less than 200, then down to 17, and then finally to the last one. I believe by now that no one has a perfect bracket. Now it’s all about hanging on and hoping for the best for the rest of your teams.

Or you can be like me and just chuck it out the window and hope for all upsets from here on out.

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