Adulting Is Overrated

Had I known more about what it means to be grown up, I probably wouldn’t have been in such a hurry to grow up. I think I might have savored being a kid more. But then again, who knows? I don’t feel like I was mature enough to appreciate my childhood until it was over.

Basically, being an adult means going to bed when you don’t want to so you can get up when you don’t want to. You drive to a job every day whether you want to go or not. And it’s not like school where you get spring break and summers off. You go year around.

I remember being a lot more excited about stuff when I was a kid. Now things like two for one toothpaste are what make me happy. It’s not the same. Had I known that, I’d have done all I could to stay a kid for as long as I could.

People say that you get to do all sorts of things when you grow up that you can’t when you’re little. What people forget to tell you is that more than likely you’ll be too tired to do those things and when you go places and do things, you’ll wish that you were home in bed instead.

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