The Other 167 Hours

My pastor talks all the time about how we typically spend an hour in worship on Sunday but that there are 167 other hours of the week where we live, work, and play. What are we doing with those hours?

I’ve been guilty of saving all my spirituality for Sunday and neglecting it the other six days of the week. A lot of us will profess belief in Jesus on Sunday but live like practical atheists the rest of the week, acting like God has no bearing on the decisions and choices we make.

If we ever want to grow in our faith and truly live out our calling, we have to do more than one hour a week. Back when I was playing piano, if all I ever practiced was one hour a week, I would never have gotten anywhere beyond playing one hesitant note at a time.

What living out our faith beyond Sunday looks like is sharing our faith with friends and family and getting involved in small groups that both encourage us and hold us accountable. It means finding people to mentor us and people whom we can mentor. It means spending time with God in His word and in prayer.

That might sound like Christianity 101, but I think a lot of us need reminding because we seem to have forgotten how to take it from head knowledge into hands and feet knowledge. I definitely include myself in that category.

Simply put, the more you make God a priority in your life, the more you will know Him and come to look more like Him. The more others will be drawn to the God they see in your life and not just the God you talk about.

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