In our all-consuming quest for numbers, we’ve made it all about accommodating instead of expositing. We’ve forgotten that the gospel is bad news before it is good news. The bad news is that we’re sinners who have fallen short of God’s glorious standard. That’s the part we typically leave out if we want packed pews and standing-room only seating.

The gospel isn’t a better morality. It’s not a different set of habits. It’s about once being dead and now alive. It’s about transformation. And it doesn’t end with a sinner’s prayer. Or it shouldn’t.

The gospel is for keeping you saved as much as it is getting you saved. The gospel is about making you not just a fan of Jesus but a follower, not just a body taking up space in a pew but a disciple who makes disciples.

We need to hear the preaching of ALL of the Word of God, not just the parts that make us feel good and that fit into our Americanized cultural version of Christianity. We need Romans 9 just as much as we need John 3:16.

If we change the message to fit in with the culture, we lose the only hope for redemption that made us unique. We might as well go home and close the church doors if we’re not going to be the church of the New Testament.

Maybe before we point fingers to how bad our culture is, we need to look in some mirrors to see how like them we really are. And then we need to pray for some revival.

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