The Smallest Things

Sometimes, the smallest things make a big difference. The above picture is called an output shaft speedometer gear. I’m not a car guy, so I’m not really sure what all that means (or even if that’s the right name for the part). I know enough to know that without this little piece, my speedometer doesn’t work in my Jeep.

Being as my car is very nearly an antique, these parts are a bit difficult to find. If I can find it, I know a place that can fix my speedometer. But all it takes is that one missing piece.

You and I have at times probably felt small and insignificant. It seems like there are people who are smarter, better looking, more suave, more charismatic who get all the attention and we tend to work and serve in the shadows.

Yet if you take away a small and seemingly insignificant piece from a machine or an organization, it doesn’t work nearly as well. In God’s economy, even the smallest sparrow has meaning to God, and you and I are worth much more than sparrows.

You may never know the impact that you might have as you live what seems to you like an ordinary unspectacular life and do your small acts of service and faithfulness. Yet only God knows whose lives might be transformed and changed by your obedience at those times you thought no one was watching.

Trust me, a small thing can make a big difference. Just try spending a night in a tent with a mosquito.

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