Nothing Is Impossible

“If God can use a crooked stick to amaze the Egyptian magicians,
If God can convict Peter with a rooster,
If God can make a donkey have a conversation,
…If God crushed the walls of Jericho with the sound of a horn,
THEN WHAT IS IMPOSSIBLE for anyone who is His child?”

God uses the ordinary to perform the extraordinary. God uses the mundane to create something magical. God takes the nobodies and nothings of this world over the most likely to succeed, best dressed, most influential to do a work that in time will get the attention of everybody.

Impossible simply means that I’m possible. Remember what a miracle you are. Remember that the fact that you exist, right here and right now, is in and of itself an impossibility made possible. Remember then that God is a specialist at turning impossible into the possible and the inconceivable into the inevitable. And remember that God is for you.

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