Happy 2022

“Have you ever missed an opportunity because of one decision? Have you ever lived with questions wondering how different the outcome would have been? Have you ever lived with a measure of regret over the road not traveled? Did you make a decision like this in 2020? The good news is, God has ways of making it work out for good, even if our decision was bad at the time. Romans8v28″

I stole this quote from someone on social media about 9 years ago. I updated it to make it work for the current year and situation. They key to a happy new year is knowing God has ways of working all things — including pandemics and natural disasters and bad decisions — for good.

My hope isn’t contingent on the absence of Coronavirus or political strife or famines or wars or storms or anything like that. My hope isn’t predicated on me or those around me making better choices. My Bible tells me that in this world, I can expect trouble, but it also tells me that Jesus has already overcome all of that. So my hope doesn’t rest on getting the “right” politicians elected or the “right” laws passed. My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus and His blood and His righteousness and His finished work on the cross. Nothing less. Nothing more.

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