Going Old School

Well, I did something unexpected recently. I got a record player (or as the cool kids call it, a turntable).

It was a Christmas present that I asked for and only halfway expected to receive. Still, it will be an interesting and fun journey as I rediscover all things vinyl.

First of all, I am absolutely not an audiophile. I don’t necessarily think everything sounds better on vinyl. Second, despite all that I’ve said up to this point, I call them records. I’m not hipster enough to call them vinyl out loud.

But there is something transcendent about dropping that needle on to the record and and hearing that telltale crackly sound, almost like logs burning on a fire. You have to be more deliberate about selecting a song or an album. It’s not like going to Spotify and listening to an artist on random. You pretty much have to listen to the albums in their original order.

Also, there’s a certain joy in holding opening up the sleeve and pulling the record out of its jacket. You can feel those tiny grooves that the needle on the record player will turn into glorious sounds coming out of your speakers.

I had a record player a long, long time ago. It was long enough ago that I can’t even begin to remember what kind it was. All I know was that’s how my introduction to and love for music began. And since I’m old school, it only makes sense to go old school musically now and then.

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