Christmas with the Chosen

I got a chance to see this year’s Christmas episode of The Chosen in an actual movie theater. It was fantastic. Most of it was music inspired by the series from well-known Christian artists in the setting where the series is currently filming.

The best part for me was the actual episode recounting how Joseph and Mary got to the place where she gave birth to Jesus. It was from the perspective of an older Mary remembering the journey and the delivery with a mix of joy and sadness, since Joseph was apparently no longer living at this point.

I love how The Chosen fleshes out these biblical characters to make them vivid and real and human. I think the term is “sanctified imagination” when it comes to taking words from the Gospels and making them come to life. I think it rivals any movie or TV series out there in terms of production values and acting quality.

I can’t recommend The Chosen highly enough. It stays true to the Bible while also giving a unique rendering of the life of Jesus in a way that satisfies the storyteller in me. I truly hope there will be a complete telling of the whole story so more people get to come and see more about Jesus. As the tag line in tonight’s episode goes, “People must know.”

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