From the Pit Not the Pedestal

I don’t know about any of you, but there are certainly days when I feel very much unqualified. I feel like someone’s going to tap me on the shoulder and walk me back to some 4th grade classroom and say something like, “This is where you’re supposed to be. You’re not grown up to be in the adult world. Now get your big fat pencil and get to writing that essay on what you did last summer”

Some days, I don’t feel much like I’m successfully adulting, much less being a useful servant of God. It’s all I can do to get through the day without having to use the righty-tighty, lefty-loosey hand signals or singing the alphabet song to see which letter comes next.

But God doesn’t call the qualified. He qualifies those He calls and enables them to do what He asks. All that He requires from me is my surrender and my availability. What God wants from me is simply my YES to whatever He asks, whenever He asks.

The Bible is full of heroic moments and brave men and women. The Bible is also full of God’s chosen people choosing poorly and making incredibly stupid decisions. Or people who saw God move not because of them but in spite of them. They just simply happened to be in the room when God showed up.

One of my favorites is David, the one called a man after God’s own heart. Also, the one who lusted after a woman, lured her into his bedroom, slept with her, got her pregnant, and had her husband (and a few other good men) killed off to cover up his misdeeds. That one.

David is also the one who owned up to his sins, calling them for what they were. He’s also the one who never stopped trusting in God’s goodness, even when he couldn’t see it or feel it. He’s the one who never stopped seeking God because he knew that God was the only one keeping him alive.

May today be the day that you and I can offer an unqualified YES to God, even if we have nothing else to offer. All God needs is a place to start.

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