In This Moment

“Jesus didn’t wait until Joseph and Mary were comfortably settled in the suburbs to come into the world. He came to them when they were staying in a barn. He’s not waiting for me to get my act together; He has met me in my poverty of spirit in this moment.”

We’re right on the cusp of the holiday season. Thanksgiving is two weeks away from tomorrow, then follows my personal favorites, the season of Advent and Christmas. The season of God becoming incarnate in the form of an infant, becoming like us so that we could one day become like Him.

I love the idea that Jesus didn’t wait until the world was ready. He didn’t wait until Joseph and Mary had their act together and had established a middle class existence in some fashionable neighborhood. He came to a couple of peasants in the middle of the night in a place where cattle ate out of a feeding trough. He came with no fanfare or applause or worldwide announcements. The first to hear of His arrival were some smelly shepherds tending their flocks in the middle of nowhere.

In the same way, Jesus comes to you and me not when we’ve finally got it all together and are living our best lives, but in the moments where we are the least deserving and most in need of a Savior. He came to those who were — and are — poor in spirit. That is, to those who are aware that they in and of themselves have nothing to offer to God but a deep need and a desperate hunger for Something More in their heart of hearts.

Even now, we can begin to prepare our hearts for Advent. Even now, we can reorient our focus away from the consumeristic to the contemplative, from the giving and receiving of presents to the adoration of the infant King in the manger. Even now, we can enter into His courts with thanksgiving.

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