The Chosen

So there’s this TV show called The Chosen. Well, it’s more of a web-based series, but it’s phenomenal. It’s a series based on the life of Jesus, but it doesn’t look or feel like any other treatment of the Messiah, whether big-screen adaptation or mini-series or otherwise. These Biblical characters seem more fleshed out, more real, than any others I’ve seen.

It’s Biblical, but through the lens of creative imagination. While not every single line or scene is directly word-for-word from the Gospels, there’s nothing that goes against what Matthew, Mark, Luke or John wrote. It feels sacred yet very much fresh and alive. Plus, the actors look like they could actually have been from that part of the world that Jesus lived in during His earthly ministry, unlike the blond-haired blue eyed Jesus we’ve seen in a few film versions.

I don’t want to give away any spoilers, but I can testify that after watching the show, reading the Gospels has taken on a different perspective. I can see these characters as I read through Luke and then John. I can hear their voices and replay scenes in my mind associated with particular miracles or interactions from the Gospel accounts.

So far, there have been two seasons released. They just announced that a special Christmas episode will be forthcoming in the next few weeks. In fact, it will be available to view in select theaters with tickets going on sale on October 29. Here’s the link in case you’re curious:

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