All Those Translations

There are so many translations. So. Many. How do you know which one is the right one?

I can’t necessarily speak to which one is the definitive absolute best, but I can share which ones I use regularly. And I do use more than one. I like to mix them up because I realize that none of them are perfect.

I tend to gravitate toward the ESV most of the time. It’s literal and readable. It retains the poetry of the original languages but is still very much understandable by the average reader.The NASB is also a good literal translation.

I also like the CSB and the NIV (the 1984 version). Both are good renderings that won’t steer you wrong in matters of faith. When I want a different take on a passage, I’ll turn to The Message or the NLT (New Living Translation).

One of my favorite apps is called YouVersion. It contains 67 different English translations of the Bible, as well as translations in just about any other language you can think of . . . and then some. That allows you to compare verses or passages between translations to find the one that helps you understand God’s word best.

And that’s the important thing. Read God’s word. Even if that means you use your grandmother’s old KJV, read the Bible. Just read it.

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