Hello, October

I’m glad that it’s October. Even if it was 86 degrees outside — or something that felt very much like summer and not fall. I don’t even care that the brief glimpse of fall weather has gone away.

October is the month where all the good holidays start. First, there’s Halloween, then Thanksgiving, followed by Christmas. In baseball terms, that’s the heart of the lineup. You’ve got what I feel are your best three holidays back-to-back-to-back.

So I try not to get bothered by unseasonably warm weather. I know this is Tennessee. It could all change tomorrow. Heck, it could snow tomorrow, for all I know. Or we could all spontaneously combust.

I learned that when it comes to weather not to have expectations, but to enjoy what I get. Spring weather in January? Sure. A cold spell in July? Why not? Another variant of summer? Bring it on. Lots and lots of rain? I got my umbrella.

I may not be wearing my flannel, but I will have my pumpkin spice. That is not negotiable. And I can watch all my scary Halloween movies in the middle of a heat wave. I’m good like that.

I’m just thankful for October.

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