New Mercies

I heard something tonight that fairly blew my mind. One of the worship leaders at Kairos tonight quoted from Lamentations about God’s mercies being new every morning. He also mentioned that the sun in our solar system is one of about 100 million suns in the universe, according to scientists. Then he said to multiply the daily mercy of God by 100 million and you get an idea of God’s infinite mercy.

Chalk that down to something else I’ll never wrap my head around, no matter how long I live. But the beauty of it is that God never calls us to comprehend His mercy and grace but only to receive it with open hands. Closed clenched fists can never receive because they’re already full of your own way of doing things that really doesn’t work and your own baggage that you carry with you everywhere.

I love new mercies. I love that every morning is new and a chance to start again, even if you’ve tried and failed a million times, because God’s mercies are more numerous that your failings. God’s grace does more than give you more chances; it changes you from the inside out and makes you not just an improved version of yourself but a brand new creation that reflects the indwelling image of God and enables you to live out the purpose for which He created you.

I love that in approximately 7 hours, I will once again experience those new mercies. God is good like that.

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