More Sleep? Yes, Please

One of my favorite discoveries is when I get up to go potty, look at the clock on my phone, and realize that I still have three hours left of sleep. The worst is when I look at my phone and it’s 4:59 am with my alarm set to go off at 5 am. That makes me mad. Do I get out of bed early and get a head start on the day? Heck no. I stay in bed and try to cherish that last minute of sleep, annoyed as I am.

Another good feeling is when I take a nap in the afternoon on a Saturday or a Sunday and lie down for what seems like a minute, but then I realize 45 minutes have gone by. When I was younger, I’d have to set an alarm to wake myself up from a nap, or I would spend the rest of the day confused about who I was and what year it was. Now, I can pretty much guarantee that I can wake up in an hour or less.

The moral of the story? I like my sleep.

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