Hello, September

It’s September. The first couple of days have been a bit milder and less humid. So, you ask, what difference does it being September make?

If you live in Tennessee, not much. Almost none. After this brief respite from the heat passes, it will go back to being hot and humid. Even September 22, the official first day of fall, will probably feel like a typical summer day around here.

So what’s the big deal with September?

To me, it’s the gateway month. September may still feel like summer and actually be mostly summer, but that little change in the calendar means that fall is getting closer. And I don’t mean the arrival of pumpkin spice everything. I mean actual fall with actual fall temperatures — the kind that go with sweaters, jackets, and flannel.

There’s something phycological about September versus August in terms of weather. I can truly start counting down the days and getting out my fall wardrobe (which consists mainly of flannel shirts). It means less Hawaiian shirts for a while.

It means my favorite time of year is almost here.

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