When You Got Nothing

“What is my barrenness? It is the platform for His fruit-creating power. What is my desolation? It is the black setting for the sapphire of His everlasting love.

I will go in poverty, I will go in helplessness, I will go in all my shame and backsliding, I will tell Him that I am still His child, and in confidence in His faithful heart, even I, the barren one, will sing and cry aloud” (Charles Spurgeon).

Face it. There will be days or weeks or even months when you don’t have it. Whatever that proverbial “it” is that makes you tick, that makes you come alive, is missing. You feel almost like a car engine that is running with only half of its cylinders firing.

The truth that is both humbling and freeing is that it was never about your ability to begin with. It was never about your performance. It was always about God’s strength being perfected in your weakness, even in those moments when you felt strong.

God has never asked for perfection from you. He never asked for flawless worship or faultless service. He just asked for you to be faithful — to show up expecting that God can still use you and can still work miracles through crackpots like you and me.

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