59 Days Until Fall

That’s right, people. 59 days left until the official start of fall. Not that I’m counting or anything.

I’m tired of sweating so much. I’m tired of feeling I’m stepping into a sauna every time I step out the door. I’m tired of the rain only making it muggier instead of bringing refreshing coolness.

I’m ready to start wearing flannel again. I’m ready for a good bonfire with s’mores and hot dogs and crisp breezes. I’m ready for carving pumpkins and Halloween. I’m ready for carving turkeys and Thanksgiving. I’m ready for decorating trees and Christmas.

In the meantime, I’d settle for 75 degrees and low humidity. I’d settle for not sweating through my clothes after being outside for five minutes. God bless you if summer is your favorite, but please understand that you wearing a full-on sweater in 90+ degree weather is only going to make me sweat vicariously for you on top of the already profuse sweating I’m doing on my own behalf.

But there’s only 6 more days until August. That means school is starting back and the end of summer is nigh. Then September where we in Tennessee may or may not get a sneak preview or two of the upcoming fall season. Then comes pumpkin spice everything, whether it actually feels like fall outside or not.

But in the meantime, I hold out hope. 59 more days, people. We can do this.

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