The last couple of days have been heavenly. It’s been in the low to mid 70s with sunshine and gentle breezes. If I had to pick just one weather setting to live in for the rest of my life, I think that would be it. But then again, I’d miss the chilly fall temperatures, so never mind.

The point is that today was one of those rare spring days in Tennessee that actually feels like true spring. Not late winter or early summer, but actual, honest to goodness spring.

Maybe I’m being flippant or sacrilegious, but I think of days like today as freebies from God. It’s like He’s saying, “Here’s one on the house. Enjoy. Compliments of God.”

I realize that everything good is a gift from God. Everything good about me is God in me, working in me. All that is good and wise and beautiful comes from God and finds its perfect realization and fulfillment in God.

Still, perfect spring days are like a God-wink, those small blessings that are easy to overlook or take for granted but are everywhere if you have your eyes open and are paying attention.

I think the best way to acknowledge the gift is living a life of gratitude and thanksgiving. Also, saying the occasional “thank you” to God never hurts.

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