My Next Car

As much as I love the Red Sled, I know that it won’t last forever. It has over 380,000 miles and it’s still going strong, but eventually it will break down at some point.

So my next car could be the Nutmobile. What do you think?

I get that it’s big and bulky and probably difficult to drive, but think about this: I could always find my car in any parking lot. I may not be able to park in most places, but when I do, I would have no trouble finding where I parked.

Does a car like this come with a lifetime supply of peanut butter? That would be awesome. If not, it’s still a stellar ride. You can probably set it for a smooth ride, or if you go off-road, it might get a bit crunchy. Ok, that was bad, but you get the idea.

This is me at 10:16 pm, up later than I should be on a work night, dreaming out loud again. Maybe it’s time to go to bed.

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