Death Is Not The End

Martin Luther King Jr.

“Easter comes out ringing in terms that we all hear if we seek to hear it, that the soul of man is immortal. Through the resurrection of Jesus Christ we have fit testimony that this earthly life is not the end, that death is just something of a turn in the road, that life moves down a continual moving river, and that death is just a little turn in the river, that this earthly life is merely an embryonic prelude to a new awakening, that death is not a period which ends this great sentence of life but a comma that punctuates it to more loftier significance. That is what it says. That is the meaning of Easter. That is the question that Easter answers – that death is not the end” (Martin Luther King Jr, ‘Questions That Easter Answers’ sermon, Dexter Avenue Baptist Church, Montgomery, AL, April 21, 1957).

That’s what Easter means. Death is not the end. Jesus died, but He did not stay dead. He was buried in a tomb that was borrowed for three days, as the song goes, but did not stay there.

Peter Marshall once said that the stone in front of Jesus’ tomb was rolled away not so that Jesus could get out but so that His disciples could get in. Jesus may have very well walked through the stone just as He walked through the locked door where the disciples were hiding out. The point was that Peter and John could see for themselves that the tomb that once held the body of Jesus was empty, save for His burial cloths. Jesus was not there.

That means for all those who hope in Jesus, death is not the end. It is not a period to the sentence of life but a comma. It shows that the real and best life, unhindered by sin and unencumbered by a fallen world, is yet to come.

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