More Storms

‘Tis the season. And I don’t mean that it’s time to start decking the halls and singing Christmas carols. I mean it’s tornado season.

The Middle Tennessee area had a batch of storms move through the region today. It’s never fun to see tornado and strong thunderstorm warnings. Hearing those sirens going off gives me cold chills.

However, I am thankful to report that I am still here. The storms have passed and all that remains is rain.

I have never known a storm, no matter how severe, to last forever. All storms must come to an end at some point, whether literal or metaphorical.

I still believe that the same Jesus who spoke peace to the waves all those years ago can still calm those storms. As the saying goes, He will either calm the storm or He will calm His child in the midst of the storm. I have found both to be true.

I doubt I’ve head the last of those tornado sirens, but I know that I can rest assured that I have nothing to fear when I’m safely held and carried by the Prince of Peace.

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