What Abides

“To pray in a hurry of spirit means nothing. To live in a hurry means to do much but effect little. We build more quickly in wood, hay, and stubble than in gold, silver, and precious stones; but the one abides, the other does not. If he who feels the world is too much with him will make for himself a little space, and let his mind settle like a bee in a flower on some great word of his God, and brood over it, pondering it till it has time to work in him, he will find himself in the greenwood” (Amy Carmichael, That Way and No Other).

No one will ever have time unless he or she makes time. That’s the secret. If you become a victim to the tyranny of the urgent, you will always be in a hurry, always doing much but effecting little. It takes intentional focus and ruthless elimination of busyness.

You never go wrong if you carve out time for God in your schedule. Time with God is never wasted and is never in vain. What you sow always comes back many times over.

I’m preaching to myself again. I make time for what I want, which is usually not God or His word. I’m sure all of us prioritize many other things and people over God many times in a day, then wonder why we’re not growing in our faith.

May we all learn to abide in God a little more each day until it becomes a habit. Until it becomes the very desire of our being over anything else.

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